About Us

Maximal Pte Ltd, or widely known as maximalSG, our product brand is a local Singapore ebike / escooter manufacturer.

At maximal, we strive to offer the best products and services to our clients in whatever way we can. These are what you can expect when you choose our products or enlist us as your preferred services provider.

Till now, we are one of the main ebikes, escooters manufacturers in Singapore, not the distributor. All of our ebikes / escooters are LTA approved. We listen to the voice from our customers; We design, develop and manufacture all of our products to meet the demand from local Singapore market.

In Singapore, ebike or PAB or electric bicycle must be LTA approved. They can be ridden on the road, PCN, cyclist path and share path. It couldn’t be ridden on the pedestrian path.

Meanwhile, escooter, or PMD or electric scooter must be LTA approved too. They can be ridden on the PCN, cyclist path and share path. It couldn’t be ridden on the pedestrian path and road.

Our products cover two categories,

  1. Escooter / PMD. They are created to cater for parents. All of our Escooters / PMDs are seated and LTA approved. we believe the safety is the most important for our customer. Seating means lowering down the Centre of Gravity, means more stable. all of our Escooter / PMD products are named with “F”, such as PMD-F-09S. It refers to Family.
  2. Ebike / PAB. All of our Ebikes / PABs are designed to cater for convenience, safety and riding with long-term health. They are LTA approved too. You can know the wheel size from the model number. For example, PAB-20-05, it means 20-inch wheel PAB.

Our history,

2017, launch our first escooter / PMD product, PMD-F-01, to cater for parents sending their kids to childcare or primary school.
2019, launch our first ebike / PAB, KUDU (model number is PAB-20-01), to cater mainly for our fellow food delivery riders.

Today, we have more than 4 LTA approved escooters / PMDs models and 7 LTA approved ebikes / PABs, all under our brand, maximalSG.