Ebike PAB LG cell 48V28.8AH KOL MAX+ 20×1.95tyre 170 crank arm range 206km Warranty in your area


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Main Features:

🔋 48V, LG Cell 14.4AH battery.

⭐ 48V 250W gear motor.

💪 longer travel range covered by one battery.

💪 sufficient range to cater for whole day delivery jobs, like 30 orders.

🏆 No jerking, smoothly pick-up and easily reach 23km/hr in Mode 1,

🏆 Wider tyre, equipped with 20inch and wider, 1.95-inch, not 1.75-inch tyre,

🏆 Solid frame, 1-piece welded, f16mm pipe Alu alloy rear rack, never collapsed!

Product Details

LTA new approval

Model Name: KOL Max+

Model No.: PAB-20-03

1 EBIKE + 2 LG Battery + 2 Charger, each battery 48V14.4AH


⭐Relatively low price.

We fully understand that our majority customers are food delivery riders. They are not rich, just to use their ebikes to make their living, especially in this difficult time. If we search in the market, in 2021, even old standard ebikes equipped 48V14AH, the prices are all S$1799. KOL Max+ is new standard ebike, higher safety grade and quality, with bigger battery (two battery total 28.8AH and provide 2 chargers), but in order to make it affordable for our fellow delivery riders, we price it at S$1999!

🔋  28.8AH (2 battery and two charger, each battery is 14.4AH) detachable battery.

Two battery allows you to ride on the road for 206km at speed 22km/hr, not 15km/hr.

🚲 20” 1.95, not 1.75 wide Pneumatic tyres.

Except KOL Max, or KOL Max+ all LTA approved 20” or above ebikes uses 1.75 wide tyre. KOL Max uses wider, 1.95 tyre, to avoid slippery, especially when it’s wet or turning.

🚲 Maximum load up to 120kg.

Except KOL Max or KOL Max+, all LTA new approved 20” or above ebikes only test max load to 100kg.

🚲 Injury-prevented structure design and 170 Crank Arm.

Except KOL Max or KOL Max+, all LTA approved ebikes only use 140 or 150 crank arm. With optimized structure design, KOL Max or KOL Max+ allows you to seat straight, pedal using your leg, not knee, to avoid long-term occupational disease / injuries, mainly on your knee, waist, spine, shoulder and neck.

🚲 No jerking.

If you test other ebikes on the market, you will find that all are jerking. On KOL Max or KOL Max+, we fine tune the accelerating curve, to make it smoothly pick-up and easily reach 25km/hr.

🚲 Very responsive controller.

Once you pedal, only after ¼ or ½ round, you will feel the power of engine, even in the mid-way when you resume pedaling, no need to waiting 1 or even 2 round pedaling of to have power.

🚲 3 speed mode, not 5 speed mode.

Except KOL Max or KOL Max+, all LTA new approved ebikes, Mode 1 can only go up to 16km/hr while also jerking. Such models are useless, more such modes only waste your time and confuse you. By eliminating useless modes, keep only the meaningful modes and optimize the accelerating curve, we only keep 3 modes, can fully meet all scenarios, to simplify your mind, save your time and maximize the performance.

🚲 Ride on 25km/hr even it’s only at 45V.

We fine tune the software to allow our ebike, even the voltage drop till 45V, you can still ride at 25km/hr, not like other ebikes, when it’s at low voltage, can only ride at 16km/hr for example.

🚲 Super strong rear rack.

KOL Max or KOL Max+, use 1-piece welded, f16mm Alu alloy pipe to make the rear rack, never collapsed!

🚲 LCD display with all information.

You can find all necessary ebike parameters on the screen, even voltage and ODO.

🚲 User-friendly design.

KOL Max or KOL Ma + use dedicated, one-click button to activate light and horn, making the usage more friendly and smoothly.

Ebike is not a cheap stuff. If you choose wrongly, is painful to change a new. While if you continue to use it, you will have an unpleasant experience every day. Please WhatsApp us if you have any question.