SG product, MaximalSG PAB-16-01 Ebike Electric bike bicycle PAB 16″ Cheetah LTA approved

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Main Features:

  • Cheetah is the first model in the Singapore market that has left-right signal! This is a very critical especially when you ride on the road.
  • Cheetah is the lightest 16″ ebike in the Singapore, with 10.4AH, only 18.2kg.
  • Cheetah is the only one ebike in Singapore that allows you to add rear rack and patented extended rack for delivery bay, still within 20kg, one of LTA requirement.

Product Details

Only left one showroom demo set. ODO is 285KM, with free rear rack.

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1. Safety feature, world 1st ebike turning light with alarm.


2. Braking light.


3. Advanced material used such as Magnesium alloy, to make it light, 18.2kg w/t Rack, even only 19.1kg with full foldable Rack.

4. Advanced high energy-efficient motor, so that allow you to travel up to 75km on the road.

5. With Shimano 6 speed gear and 3 electronic gear, full boost the riding experience.

6. Fine-tuned acceleration curve, to have a very smooth pick-up and powerful acceleration.


7. Foldable even with our innovative Rack, size is MRT and Bus friendly after folded.


8. All mud-guarded, to make your riding clean & fun.


Where active mobility devices are allowed to be used in Singapore