PMD-F-09S 12.5AH / PMD-F-09, 48V12.5AH Foldable / Seated Electric Scooter

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Main Features:

  • PMD-F-09S 12.5AH / PMD-F-09 68KM range 48V12.5AH UL 2272 Seated Electric Scooter escooter e-scooter LTA approved foldable to MRT
  • PMD-F-09S 12.5AH / PMD-F-09 is one of best-selling scooter in Singapore. Good for 1 adult and 2 kids.
  • It’s very light, with 12.5AH battery, only 18.4kg, the lightest suh spec escooter in Singapore.
  • With 48V Lithium energy-saving gear motor, and 12.5AH lithium battery, it can easily go up to 68km distance.
  • It’s foldable and compliant to MRT/Bus requirement, so that you can travel through MRT/Bus for daily home/job commuting.

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