1) Warranty services will be provided in company’s venue, or at dealers’ shop if this is indicated on your receipt.

2) Period of warranty: It will be indicated on the receipt. For 1 year warranty period, we provide 1 year warranty for motor, 6 months warranty for the battery and the rest electrical parts from the date of purchasing. For 1 month warranty period, 1 month warranty will be provided for motor, battery and the rest electrical parts from the date of purchasing.

3) Warranty will only cover the failure or damage caused by normal use (E.g. the motor stopped working without exterior damages).

4) The warranty will not cover, defects that are caused by negligence (E.g. there is obvious dents or damages on the product due to misuse/accidents), all man-made damage, unit had been self-disassembled, improper use. After well received, the appearance damage, wear-and-tear such as tire is punctured, scratch or unit can be performed without any functional issue are not under the warranty.

5) When request for warranty services, the warranty card with dealer’s information and original receipt must be presented. If filed to provide the document or provide the document that is altered, the company has the right to refuse providing warranty services.

6) For those customers who are not able to send to or pick up from our service centre and request for pick-up and send-back services, a S$35 per way for PMD or PAB, S$40 per way for PMA will be charged